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The Fourth Wall: Lighter and Brighter


Big thanks Al Kennedy of House to Astonish for suggesting today’s cartoon.


  1. Simon

    Gary Larson nodded.

    But as an obviously entirely self-appointed editor, I am obviously entirely entitled to criticize your work. I’ll thus ask: Why not make it more timeless, by cutting down any narrow reference that isn’t indispensable and could date or obfuscate the cartoon? Less could be more, for instance:

    “Following negative critical response, it is promised future DC films will be ‘lighther and brighter’.”

    P.S.: What about something with Wonder Woman wearing a U.N. blue helmet, maybe in a RAMBO poster pose? (“Peacekeeping has never been so empowered”, or something actually good…)

    1. Simon

      Fair enough (though I think both Scott and Zack seem to meet such honor).

      But if specifics were omitted, wouldn’t most readers today probably still think of your target movie and director? While everyone else, today or in the future, could insert their own target, or enjoy the cartoon from its own context without actually experiencing such films.

      (I’m also reminded of Gary Larson being mortified about his cartoon “Hell’s video store” having nothing but copies of ISHTAR, because he eventually came to like that movie and thought such a specific choice was unwarranted.)

  2. Edo Bosnar

    Oh, man. I love it. Wonder Woman in bunny ears, and angry Superman and Batman holding balloons. *snort!*
    I want to see this movie. Specifically, I want to see WW scolding Supes and Bats, telling them that if they want to go into battle they have to tie their balloons to their belts so they don’t lose them…

  3. I had suggested that Batman be blowing one of those “horn” things that curl out when you blow into them (I’m sure they have a name that I can’t think of right now), but now I see that it would have blocked the grimace on his face and screwed up the joke.

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