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How To Train Solo’s Dragon

This is just a quickie, to get something off my chest that’s been bugging me since I first saw Solo.

Minor spoilers for that and How To Train Your Dragon, though really the reveal is so obvious any experienced filmgoer should be ashamed to not figure it out in advance…

Has anybody else ever noticed this before?

This is actually a pretty good cosplay.
Cosplay of Valka from How To Train Your Dragon
Where does she get dragon armour anyway?
Enfys Nest from Solo

The stunning reveal that this ex-evil character is really a good guy - and a woman!
Valka, revealed! (From How To Train Your Dragon 2)
The stunning reveal that this ex-evil character is really a good guy… ah, you get the idea.
And this is what that costume was hiding all along!



  1. Edo Bosnar

    Can’t help you with the main question, as I’ve never seen any of the How to Train Your Dragon films, but I have to say (since you brought it up): I really liked the way the Rebels were depicted in Solo, i.e., as hardscrabble bandits, rather than the well-organized and well-equipped massive military force in the ‘numbered’ movies.

      1. Edo Bosnar

        I suppose, but I would have preferred that the Rebels had always been depicted more or less as they are in Solo; same with the droids – I loved that someone finally addressed the fact that in the SW universe they’re mostly treated like appliances, or slaves actually, even though they very obviously sentient. Basically, what I’m saying is I prefer to the world/universe shown in Solo to the one we normally see in the main SW movies.

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