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Saturday Comics Fun Events from Gerhard and Ithacon

Hey folks, Travis here with a quick post about some fun stuff happening tomorrow.

Gerhard, the background artist of Cerebus, one of my favorite comics, is opening his vault of Cerebus pages and discussing them and offering some for sale, in an apparently QVC-style program on YouTube.  It starts tomorrow, Saturday, April 24 at 11AM EST.  I’ll be watching and learning, and drooling over the art, and possibly making an incredibly bad financial decision by buying a page of art and not, y’know, buying food for the next year or so. Here’s the link for more information.

After that, and possibly during, I’m going to go online for the online only Ithacon, starting at 10am EST.  It was sad last year when COVID cancelled the in-person show planned for last year, so it’s nice that at least there’s this online version this year.  The main page is here, and there’s links to the schedule from there.  Also on the main page is the “no-door prize” registry, where you can register to win prizes just for entering your email address.   There are panels about the history of the Ithacon and Ithaca creative types, a panel with “lost” Stan Lee tapes from an Ithaca College talk he gave in 1975, and panels with AfterShock, Boom!, and AHOY! Comics, as well as guests like Roger Stern and Danny Fingeroth.  A lot of them are going to be Zoom meetings, I guess, so maybe I’ll see some of you there.  If I figure out how to Zoom.  Dang, this still means I have to comb my hair and stuff!

Hope to see you guys at any of this stuff, have fun if you “go”, and I hope to do some more posting soon!


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