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Australian Life In The Summertime

Australia is an interesting country. Australians love their country. “I love a sunburnt country, a land of sweeping plains.” Their capital, Canberra, normally has one of the best air qualities in the country; but a haze of smoke settled over the city last month. At first, they thought, that’s normal, we’ve just legalised it, it’ll go away when the novelty wears off.  Only, it didn’t go away.

We started looking for the source of all the smoke.

Acts of Gojira?
Thus far, there are only theories.

Things started to come together:

I’m not saying it’s hot, but I saw these two short guys carrying a ring…

I guess you can take the sky from them.

Then they figured it out:

Of course, Australia’s always had an interesting relationship with fire:

These places had these names before this happened.

Then the fires started to die down. Things looked calm. They actually had water falling from the sky! Apparently that’s a thing now.
Then they had frozen waters.

The new Golf War

Big ones.

Some people have been describing the last month as a song of ice and fire.

… which I think is by Pat Benatar.

So much has changed, it’s been hard to keep up.
Nowadays, people in Australia just walk down the street in masks every day.

This is their reality now.

There’s been a run on P-2 masks, and nobody could find them in Australia for a while. November 2019, most Australians didn’t even know what a P-2 mask was.

They’ve all been glued to the Fires Near Me webpage.

The weather reports have gotten weird:

And now they find themselves needing a plural for ‘Apocalypse’.

Bookshops have had to rethink their stocking policies:

They’d been expecting this for a while, actually.

Even Financial Advisors have had to change their focus:

This is what my financial adviser looks like

Just when things looked like they were calming down… how shall I put this?
They’ve seen fire and we’ve seen rain. They’ve seen sunny days they thought would never end.
But then, the fires flared up again. Then they got new fires; including in Canberra’s industrial suburb of Beard. They’re calling it the Beard Fire.

And now nobody in that city is allowed to keep dragons.


All kidding aside, our thoughts and prayers go out to those who have lost property; and the 32 (at this writing) who have lost their lives. The estimated one billion wild animals that have died.

An especial tribute to the firefighters working tirelessly and in great danger to themselves to help in this time of disaster; and to Captain Ian McBeth, First Officer Paul Hudson and Flight Engineer Rick DeMorgan, Jr; the three American men who went to Australia to fight a fire that was never their problem in the first place, and who will never go home.


Australians set these up by the road after a particularly bad fire calmed down.


Just go to the Canberra subreddit. They deal with things with humour and aplomb in Australia. Which is actually kind of gross if you know what plombs are.










I thought of this one by myself, but somebody else posted it first, so I’m still giving them credit:



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