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Flippin’ through ‘Previews’ – September 2021

Travis is so proud of starting these early and then not finishing them in any timely manner, but this month, he didn’t even start it! What the heck, sir? So it’s on me, and I will be in groovy blue, while Travis gets stuck with depressing black as punishment. Let’s check out the catalog!

I went on vacation, and then needed a vacation from the vacation, hyuck, hyuck, hyuck!!!

You don’t do anything, man. Why did you need a vacation?

I refuse to answer on grounds it might be an accurate assessment.

Even the cover of Previews knows!


The solicits are here!

On page 46 and 48 is the new Rosenberg/Boss comic, What’s the Furthest Place From Here?  4 Kids Walk Into a Bank was pretty damn cool, so I’ll probably check this out, and I’m really intrigued by the version that has a 7” record.  I might have to get that from the comic shop.

Um, no, that’s not intriguing at all. So you’re 0-for-1. I will probably get this, too, but boy, the description begins with “A postapocalyptic coming-of-age story,” two descriptors that are guaranteed to make my eye twitch. So we’ll see.

My girlfriend got me a snazzy new briefcase record player for my recent birthday, and I want new records to play on it!!!  But you’re right, the story itself isn’t anything new sounding.

I hope you pick up some Frank Sinatra records, ya hipster.

I got the Ventures and the Turtles, among others, so far.

Not only does the Geiger 80-Page Giant on page 54 have art by Kelley Jones, but it has a story written by Jay Faerber.  You know, from RINGERRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!

Geoff Johns wants comics to be like when he was growing up, so he gives us an 80-page giant!

Post Americana is in trade (page 57) after taking a really long time to come out (is the final issue even out yet?), as Steve Skroce takes his time with his comics, but they’re gorgeous, so that’s all right. I don’t know if the writing on this will be all that great, but it will look amazing!

Did he finish Maestros?  That one looked good but I didn’t read the issue I got.

Yeah, the trade came out a while ago. It was pretty good.

Page 58 has Shadecraft volume 1, from the creators of Skyward, which was a pretty good book.  A girl’s afraid of her own shadow, but apparently she should be.  Spooky!

Yeah, I guess so. I might give it a whirl, although it doesn’t fill me with confidence. Garbett’s a good artist, so there’s that.

Unfortunately, Chu #10 (page 64) might be the last issue, because the sales aren’t great. Layman says they’re going to see how the trades sell before deciding on the future of the book, so if you’ve been curious about this, get the trades!

I will!

Don’t let it die – Layman has more Legos to buy!

Dark Horse:

Rich has the solicits you need!

So Bendis is doing stuff for Dark Horse now? Man, that guy is never happy where he is. Joy Operations on page 84 doesn’t sound particularly enticing – dystopian future, person working for bad guys decides to stop being a bad guy, you know the drill – but good for Bendis, I guess?

I heard about how his Jinxworld was moving again.  I assume he’s wrapped up any DC work he’s done.  His Superman was actually not too bad, from what I’ve read of it.  What’s interesting is that now Powers will have been published by Image, Marvel, DC, and Dark Horse, which makes it one of the few (if only) books to be published by all 4 of the biggest comics companies of the last half century.  (Groo and Elfquest have been published by 3 of the 4 — no DC for Groo and no Image for Elfquest, and I can’t think of any other books published by 3 or 4 publishers off the top of my head.)

Crema, on page 97, might be interesting. A barista can see ghosts when she’s drunk too much coffee, and one of the ghost she sees is in love with her, and another ghost wants to first one to take a love letter for him to Brazil … I don’t know, sounds weird and neat.

And it’s written by Johnnie Christmas, who’s a really good artist, but I’m not sure how good of a writer he is.

Oh, God, there’s going to be a ‘coffee and cream’ joke in this, isn’t there?

Jenny Zero is collected on page 106, about a young woman who parties hard and lives in her superhero father’s shadow, and how she also has to save the world herself.

I wrote about very briefly that last month, in case anyone is interested. It’s a good, solid adventure comic that very much begs to be continued, so I hope Dwonch and McKinney get the chance.

(Hey, we both skipped IDW and Dynamite!)

(Yeah, that’s kind of depressing, ain’t it?)

Boom! Studios:

Take a look at the solicits here!

I haven’t loved Christopher Cantwell’s comics, but they’re intriguing, so I’ll probably check out Regarding the Matter of Oswald’s Body (page 180), which is about the missing body of Lee Harvey Oswald and, I guess, what it has to do with the Kennedy assassination. Could be keen.

That does sound neat.

I wouldn’t mind having a casket that looks like that

On page 193 is the trade of The Many Deaths of Laila Starr, about a young woman whose resurrection will decide humanity’s fate, I guess.  It sounded cool.

I’m getting that, because Ram V is a good writer and Filipe Andrade is a good artist. Apparently it’s a “hot” book, too, for some weird reason.

I almost remember caring about hot books.  Mostly because I’d daydream about selling them to buy more comics.  Is Peter Panzerfaust still hot?


Look at all the solicits here!

So Jock is writing and drawing One Dark Knight (page 2), and his art is probably enough to get me to try this. I do want you to sit down while I describe it: Batman has to take a supervillain who has knocked out all the power in the city across town to Arkham. I know, right? A story about how dark and gloomy and scary Gotham is! IT’S NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE!!!!! Sigh. Still, Jock’s art is amazing, so as I noted, I’ll probably get this when the trade shows up.

It’s like a metaphor or something!  Yeah, I like Jock but I wish he was doing something better.

Look, he’s all dark and broody! It’s unprecedented!

Lemire and Nguyen reunite on Robin & Batman on page 13, about Dick Grayson starting out as Robin.  It’ll look great, at least.

Danny DeVito is writing a Penguin story in Gotham City Villains Anniversary Giant (page 16). Just let that seep into your brain for a while.

I hope that in this trying time, he will offer us an (Easter) egg from It’s Always Sunny…

Well, because I’m a sucker for medieval stuff, I will of course get Dark Knights of Steel (page 18), a 12-issue series by Tom Taylor and Yasmine Putri, in which a spaceship crash-lands in medieval times, and everyone still has perfect teeth and skin for some reason. Call me a sucker, but I loves me some medieval shit!

It’s almost as if DC thinks books without Batman won’t sell … but that can’t be possible, can it?

It sounds like a really good Elseworlds story.  Oh, wait, are we not allowed to call it that?

Jim Lee has already dispatched a squad to your home to take care of you. It was nice knowing you, buddy!

Well, if it’s a squad from a Wildstorm book, I’ll just wait a day until it’s rebooted.

Dang, relatively obscure old-school slam!

Hey, Francavilla is drawing a book!  It’s the Joker 2021 Annual on page 26, sure, but still!  And on page 27, Detective 2021 Annual has art from David Lapham.  And on 30, Justice League Dark 2021 Annual has art from Christopher Mitten.  So I guess that DC must be throwing money at artists, at least.  Hopefully they’re getting that cash money!

I saw the Francavilla one, and I’m sure it will get collected in the second Joker trade, so I’ll probably wait on it. The other two are very tempting, though. And your statement makes no sense. DC is “throwing money at artists,” but in your next sentence, you say “hopefully [the wrong way to use it, but we’ll let it slide] they’re getting that cash money!” Do … you really think someone from DC is literally throwing bills at the artists, and if no one jumps in front of them, the artists will be able to catch it, but if someone e;se does, then tough shit? I worry about you, sir. I worry about the strange world you live in, too.

You came up with all that stuff, sir!  I probably should have ended the one sentence without the “at least” at the end and instead put it at the start of the last sentence.

Actually, it wouldn’t surprise me if DC did make the artists try to literally catch the cash.

I’ve heard varying things about Tom King’s Strange Adventures, but there is a nice hardcover on page 35, which I will probably pick up (it’s 40 bucks, but that’s 12 issues, so it’s not a bad price). King is perfectly good when he’s not writing Batman, so I have my fingers crossed!

I’ll probably read it from the library, like I did with Mister Miracle and his Bat run.  I’ll probably be weak and read Rorschach (collected on page 34) from the library as well.

Don’t do it, sir!

Superman: Red & Blue is collected in a big HC on page 48, and I’ll have to think about that.

Yeah, I don’t know if I’ll get this or wait for the softcover.

Um, is DC not going to have one of these catalogs next month?  They have stuff in this issue coming out the first two weeks of December, but is it possible they’ll do no new comics those last two weeks of the year?

Weird. Beats me.

(Since we’re slow, I can tell y’all that yes, there is a DC catalog for December!)


Solicits are here!

Well, because I am a sucker just in general, I will probably pick up Death of Doctor Strange: White Fox on page 26. THE WHITE FOX IS AWESOME!!!!! Don’t you judge me!!!! Okay, you can judge me a little. I don’t care.

This is a legacy character, right, not a completely new character, right?


I think she’s actually a new character from what I see.  Maybe I’m thinking of White Tiger?  Two different non-Caucasian characters with “White” in their names, I think.

I think you are. And it’s better than the alternatives, after all. (I’ll let you figure out what those would be.)

Ecce how amazing she is!

Deadpool: Black, White & Blood 4 on page 40 has a Mike Allred story, which is cool.  And on page 103 is the treasury edition of the mini.

I’m still not sure if I want this. Deadpool is not necessarily a great character, but I’ll think about it.

That run that started with the dead presidents storyline was pretty good, and then I lost track of it.

That’s the Duggan/Posehn run, and it was superb. But that doesn’t mean he’s a great character!

X-Force: Killshot Anniversary Special on page 42-43 is by Rob Liefeld, and it takes 5 different X-Force squads from across time, and I wish that meant that we get to see Liefeld’s take on the Milligan/Allred version!

I knew you were going to mention this, and I really hoped you wouldn’t, but you did. Liefeld comics need oxygen to live, sir, and you’re giving it to them!

But I still would want to see his version of those characters!

My eyes! MY EYES!!!!!!

There’s another of those Anniversary Tribute books with today’s stars doing a cover version of the old Stan and Jack or Steve books, with Fantastic Four on page 50, with the first issue and Annual 3, the wedding.  Might be good.

I will probably get this, because these are keen. I wonder who will get to draw the greatest panel in comics history!

If I were an artist, I would fight anyone to draw this!  T: Yes.

Um, is the reveal in Captain Marvel 34 on page 59 Genis-Vell from page 58?  Just wonderin’.  Actually, that Genis-Vell book might be fun.

That would be hilariously awesome.

Well, I’m pretty sure Genis-Vell is coming back, because of this book on 58, and hearing about the Captain Marvel arc, but I’m not sure if the reveal is in CM 33 or before.  If it is, the other reveal pretty much has to be the original Marvel version of CM, right?  Or is Kelly going to be the one to bring Marvelman into the mainstream Marvel U?

I mean, I have her email address. Maybe I can get the scoop!

Interesting, the Aliens: Original Years Omnibus v.3 HC on page 79 has a ton of great creators.  Is that Justin Green the guy who created autobio comix with Binky Brown?  WTF?  David Lloyd, Jim Woodring, Phil Hester, Corben, Guy Davis … Such a great lineup.

Dunno. You didn’t mention Flint Henry and Eduardo Risso!

Yet another reminder from Marvel that I need to get in touch with my buddy who loves Doom.  The Doctor Doom Omnibus on page 80 is filled with great Doom stuff.  I might even want this one myself!

I guess I will begin getting Jason Aaron’s run on Thor, as Marvel offers up a big ol’ Omnibus on page 83. I’ve wanted to get this for a while, but I know it goes across dozens of titles because Marvel can’t let a book get past 30 issues these days, so I was hoping they would put them all together, and I guess they are!

Well, there’s at least one more book after this, since this is volume 1 and only takes us to about 2016, and Aaron was on the book until… 2019? 2020?  I liked the start of his run, but dropped it with the thought of getting the trades, but then, like you said, all the dozens of titles are too confusing.  Hell, you probably need that War of the Realms omnibus on page 87 too!

I don’t wanna!

Because I am a sucker (see above), I will get the Weapon X Gallery Edition on page 84. I love me some big-ass art!

Yeah, but this is BWS, so this isn’t really a sucker’s bet.

Sure, and if I didn’t have this, I wouldn’t have an issue with buying it. I always feel a bit squeamish about getting things I already own, though.

I get that.  I do like comparing the differences between versions, though.

I guess Non-Stop Spider-Man on page 96 … stopped.

I know it’s a joke, but this is just the first trade, but do you know it’s the only one?

I’m assuming from the fact that there’s no volume number, because Marvel is pretty good about that.  Although there was the Strange Academy one, and that series is still ongoing.

In the “Whatever Happened to Adam Pollina?” category of the month, we get an Epic Collection of X-Force #66-84 on page 108. I always liked Pollina’s art, but he just disappeared after his brief mid-’90s heyday. I wonder what happened to him.

The Nineties RULED, suckas!

Based on his website, it sounds like he’s done a lot of behind the scenes art for various clients.  I.E., he’s making a lot more money that way! But I loved this bit from his Wikipedia page: “Early in his career, Pollina worked for Friendly Comics, an adult comics publisher owned by pornographer and ferret advocate Eric Shefferman.”  And no, there is not a citation for the ferret advocate bit!  Also, some of these issues were written by Jay “RIINGERRRRRR!!!!” Faerber!

Good for him! And why do you need a citation? Aren’t we all ferret advocates, really?

So I stopped at a comic shop that gets Bad Idea stuff, and I saw that Adam Pollina did the art for a book that Matt Kindt wrote.  It’s called Whalesville and apparently is about a society that exists inside of a whale.  It’s a double shot book with another story in it, Rocks and Minerals, written by Kindt and drawn by Tony Millionaire.  It looked good on a quick flip through, so I decided to pick up a Bad Idea book, just because we wondered where Adam Pollina went!

That’s interesting. I’m very annoyed at Bad Idea, because they seem to be getting good talent for their books but their business model sucks out loud. It’s just so, so terrible.

Man, the Peter Milligan/Salvador Larroca run on X-Men is getting collected on page 119. This wasn’t “Bad Milligan,” per se, but it certainly wasn’t “Good Milligan,” and Larocca had really embraced that soft pencil thing he started on X-Treme X-Men, so the art was just … weird. Everything gets collected these days, so why not this?

At least a few pages back, on 116, “Good (maybe Great?) Milligan” is collected in the second volume of X-Statix!

Yeah, that’s good stuff.

To the back of the book!

I am on board with European creators getting their early work translated for us mouth-breathing ‘Murican monolinguists (that means we are, of course, not cunning linguists), so I’m keen on reading Laura, an early Guillem March book, which Ablaze is bringing to us. I dig March, so I’ll be checking this out.

Given his obvious influence from Crepax and Manara, I’m assuming there’s (tasteful) nudity.


So many things about this cover disturb me

Tiny Acts of Violence on page 208 from A14 Books sounds neat. It’s a horror book set in 1968 East Germany, which probably wasn’t the best environment to begin with, so adding creepy things can’t be good! Martin Stiff is a pretty good creator, so there’s that, too.

I can’t remember if I got one of his books or not.  But looking him up, I discovered that Right Said Fred is apparently part of the anti-vax crowd, which is sad, and that the band is named after a novelty song from the ‘60s.

Are you using Google correctly?

I probably used Bing by accident.

Also on 208 is Aardvark Vanaheim, with the latest Cerebus in Hell? one shot, League of Extraordinary Corona.  And the Swords of Cerebus in Hell? trades are up to volume 8.

AfterShock has Croak on page 212, which should be good because it’s by Paul Tobin and Andy McDonald. It’s about a world where dreams have invaded reality to terrifying effect, and a woman’s quest to stop the madness!

Apparently this is now called My Date With Monsters, which is a better title anyway, and I believe Alterna had a Croak comic already.  But yeah, this sounds cool.

That is better. Dang, that was a quick change!

On 214 is The Heathens, a sort of LOEG but for villains throughout time.  Could be fun.

Good creators, too.

‘Avast, me hearties! There’s an original idea over there – let’s shoot it!’

Undone by Blood volume 2 is on page 222, and I hope it’s as good as the first volume, which was one of the best comics of last year. We shall see!

I need to get these, they sounded great.

On the same page is the trade of Bequest, about fantasy world treasures making their way into the real world, and the adventurers who must recover them.  Might be good.

On 223 is the trade of Project: Patron, about the team that makes the world think their great protector is still alive, even though he died fighting a bad dude.

On 224 is the trade of The Girls of Dimension 13, by Graham Nolan and Bret Blevins, about girls who have to protect our dimensions from bad dudes.  Those creators are dang good so this should be fun.

Yeah, I’m getting a lot of AfterShock trades this month. Nothing wrong with that!

On page 226, Ahoy has My Bad #1, which is from Mark Russell (that’s “Mark James Russell,” which is a bit weird because he’s never used his middle name before) and Peter Krause. Russell is very good at these supervillain/superhero spoof books, and Krause is a good artist, so this will probably be good.

Russell probably keeps getting confused with the PBS comedian.  All that comic book/public television crossover audience gets confused!

Wait, wait – he’s NOT the PBS comedian? I love that guy!

Amulet Books has Pixels of You on page 232, which sounds interesting despite the oh-so-clever Cure joke in the title (I’m not a big Cure fan, but that song is good). It’s about a human girl with cybernetic implants and an AI who become friends after starting out as rivals. Could be neat.

Also on 232 from Andrews McMeel is Murder Book, a graphic novel trying to puzzle out why people love true crime stories.  This sounds interesting and also gives me a chance to say that Hulu’s Only Murders in the Building has been a lot of fun so far, with Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez giving great performances as people who live in the same building trying to solve the possible murders going on in that building.

We’re going to watch it eventually, when the entire season is streaming.

AWA gives us a take on page 254 on what would happen if a dude accidentally killed Batman and then had to take over for him with Knighted, which mostly interests me just because Tex is doing the art.

It’s almost as if AWA thinks books without Batman won’t sell …

I mean, I know Tyler Chin-Tanner a little bit, so I’d like to think he’s making comics just for me, but I doubt it, even though A Wave Blue World gives us Bloody Hel on page 258, which is about Norse gods being awakened during World War I. Just put me in a barrel and shoot me, because it’s too easy to get me to buy this!

That is a dang cool cover.

I had wondered if Jeff Smith had given up on comics, but he’s back with Tuki volume 1 on page 270 from Cartoon Books. Tuki was supposed to come out in single issues, and maybe one came out some years ago? Maybe two? Then it disappeared, and Smith is doing longer volumes and releasing them that way, which is probably for the best. Smith might never top Bone, but it’s always good to see him making comics!

Centrala has Silence on page 272, which is about a curator trying to find the artist of a particular work that struck her fancy. It sounds pretty groovy.

Except for the fact that her name is “Choosy”.  WTF?

I “chose” to skip right past that, because it’s d-u-m.

On page 280, Comics Experience has a new one shot of Mother Russia, Jeff McComsey’s zombie book that sprang out of FUBAR, as I recall.  This is the third or fourth publisher for this book, I think.  From what I’ve read of it, it’s actually decent zombie stuff.

Also on 280 is Dead Good Comics with Octobriana With Love, a book that I missed on Kickstarter, but which stars the Russian underground superhero who debuted 50 years ago.  Jim Rugg just did a book with her, and now there’s this, with a bunch of neat talent, so I’ll probably get this.

I mean, that’s an unfortunate spot for your commie tattoo

Well, once again a company has found my g-spot, as DK Publishing has Marvel Universe: Map by Map on page 282, which is, in case you haven’t guessed, an atlas of the Marvel world. Holy shit, I love maps, and I love maps of fictional places almost as much as maps of actual places. Forty-five dollars well spent, I anticipate!

Well, since it’s atlases, isn’t it your a-spot?

Hey now! This is a family blog!

On 292, Fantaco has Fantastic Giants Facsimile Edition, with Ditko art on Gorgo and Konga and I’d swear this is basically the same as what IDW did a year or two back, as well as maybe the same thing Fantaco did a few months back?

See, in your rush to mention everything in the catalog, you miss the fact that in the solicit, it clearly states that it’s resolicited. Your haste makes waste, sir!

Page 300 has To The Death volume 1 with slipcase from Forged in Fire.  This is a comic about a dude who fought in off-world wars and comes home to find he’s marked for death.  Uh-oh.  For the ones who marked him, anyway!  It’s volume 1 of 2 and it collects 5 GNs, by Simon Furman and Geoff Senior, who did Transformers and I think Death’s Head.

Yeah, this looks neat.

Sweet!  Also on 300, from Gemstone, is the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide to Lost Universes, focusing on all those cool, short-lived comic book universes that have popped up over the years.  Defiant, Ultraverse, New Universe, Atlas-Seaboard … I’m loving this one!

Page 301 has an interesting one from Gestalten, with Marvel By Design, looking at how the company’s design choices over the years have created its identity as well as influenced other creative spheres.

On page 306, Humanoids has The History of Science Fiction volume 1, and I don’t know if their editorial notes made the print catalog, but online, the solicit includes their own internal text about whether they should punch up the first sentence or include stuff about comics and movies.  Check out what’s written before they change it!

That’s pretty funny.

On page 312, Iron Circus Comics has Yes, Roya, which is apparently an old book that’s been colored about a couple who get to meet the dude’s cartooning hero and discover some weird things about him, I guess? I dig Spike Trotman, both as a publisher and a writer, so I’m down with this.

Oh, dear – looks like some kind of sexytimes

Passport by Sophia Glock is from Little Brown Books for Young Readers on page 315, and is the apparently true story of how young Sophia found out that her globetrotting parents worked for the CIA.  Whoa, now that’s a twist!

See Sophia. See Sophia follow her parents. See Sophia watch as Daddy blows some commie’s head off with a silenced pistol while Mommy snaps a traitor’s neck. See Sophia need years of therapy.

On 321 Messianic Comics has The Sword of Eden volume 1 from Al Nickerson, who’s a pretty good cartoonist, and it’s about a new superhero helping a team look for the titular weapon.  Might be fun.

Also on 321, from Moonstone, is Xal-Kor the Return, with new adventures of the Grass Green character created for fanzines.  Might be fun.

Petrograd, a keen story about Rasputin’s murder, is in paperback from Oni on page 324. Check it out!

Looks cool.

On 335 are two from PS Artbooks, with Nightmare Magazine 1, a reprint of the first Skywald publication, one of the newsstand competitors to the Warren mags and so forth.  There’s also Silver Age Classics Space Buster/Brain Boy Softee, presumably reprinting all of the original Brain Boy comics from Dell, which was a character Dark Horse brought back a few years ago.

On 338 is Dreadnoughts: Breaking Ground GN from Rebellion/2000AD, a graphic novel that lays the groundwork for the world of Judge Dredd.  It’s got art from John Higgins, so at least there’s that.

On page 339, Renegade Arts Entertainment has Genghis Con, which is about a young woman who joins a race from England to Mongolia and experiences a bunch of tribulations, all the while being haunted by a certain Mongol warrior. Which, you know, happens. Sounds nifty.

Not sure if there’s a pun I’m missing …

Scout has Black Friday on page 340, which is about an evil entity coming to life due to all the negative energy released on that day, and the workers in the superstore who need to deal with it. Could be fun.

Black Friday did sound like it might be spooky scary fun. On 341 was the Mapmaker GN, which sounded cool, about a mapmaker whose maps come to life.  There’s also Ranger Stranger, which might be a one shot, but is about a serene wildlife on the surface but where everything wants to kill you underneath it all.  The Recount is about an even weirder transfer of US power after an election than what actually happened.  The losing candidate gave a concession speech!  Red X-Mas is about Santa going crazy on toys after a toy accident kills the missus.  And The Shepherd: The Path of Souls trade is about a dude wandering a limbo and trying to help warriors from different ages deal with their trauma.

On 348-350, Source Point Press has several neat sounding ones.  Darling Collected Edition is about a drug addict that comes across the machinations behind the kidnapping of an 8 year old girl.  I saw the first issue and the art was pretty interesting looking, so this could be cool.  Good Boy sounds like it’s John Wick, except the human gets killed and the anthropomorphic dog man takes revenge.  Turkey Day is a one shot where aliens controlling turkeys interrupt the town parade, which tells the story of the Pilgrims completely from the white man’s viewpoint, and I’m sure there’s no ironic parallel being made!  And Wild Bullets is about a family of adventurers (the Bullets), who get together for Thanksgiving and there’s a murder, and each family member tells the tale in their own genre-appropriate manner.  Sounds fun.

On 361, Tripwire Publishing Limited has the Tripwire Winter Special 2021, with stories about the Fantastic Four at 60, ILM at 50, Indiana Jones at 40, and so on.  I can’t tell who did the cover, but it looks cool.  Did you ever get the Tripwire Special that they last offered?  I think the Flash was on the cover, iirc.

Yes, I did. And given how quickly I’m reading my magazines these days, I should get to it in about a decade.

TwoMorrows has cool stuff, as always, on 361 and 362.  Alter Ego 173 is about Black Superheroes and the creators who made them, and Comic Book Creator 27 is about Paul Gulacy and Joe Sinnott.  John Severin: Two Fisted Comic Book Artist is a book about the great EC artist.  And Greg Biga has been a busy dude, because he did the interviews for CBC 27 and the Severin book!

Seven Seas has, on page 420, Lupin III: Greatest Heists Classic Manga is the greatest hits of the well known manga, done by the greatest name in comics, Monkey Punch!

On the flip side, M-110 has the Brooklyn Nine-Nine Clue board game.  If the show had to end, it at least ended on a very high note recently!

I haven’t watched it yet, so don’t spoil it!

As usual, we must apologize for being so slow with this. As you may have noticed from the top, Travis had to take a vacation from his extremely busy life of beard-grooming and Mannix-watching, so he didn’t get started until late, and then we had our two-day caesura where the blog didn’t exist, or possibly existed in another dimension, or maybe just went on vacation like Travis, so we couldn’t update anything. We still hope you found something interesting in here, and we hope you have a nice day!


  1. John King

    (welcome back)
    I feel tempted to clarify the plot of Shadecraft but resist doing so because of spoilers (regarding who/what her shadow is and what she should be afraid of ….)

    I think White Fox is one of the new Asian characters Marvel made up to market their mobile game in the far East…um….I mean to increase diversity in their characters….

    (note -that should not be interpreted as a negative opinion on the character. I do like the character. I’m just a little cynical regarding the activities of corporations)

  2. Eric van Schaik

    Happy to see Tuki again.

    Most of the Marvel books are getting a $ 4,99 tag. How long will people buy comics with such a price tag?

    I have the BWS Weapon X in a nice version already: the Wolverine Adamantium Edition 🙂

    When will Liefeld learn to draw faces?
    The eyes still are not symetric imo.

    1. Greg Burgas

      DC has been charging that much for a while for certain comics, and it doesn’t appear to have affected them too much. People want their Batman comics! But it is interesting to see what’s going to happen, because things are changing all over the comics retail universe, and it’s unclear if it’s a good thing or not.

  3. Lee

    Regarding comics that have been published by three or four of DC, Marvel, Image, and Dark Horse: I can think of three ways that something like this could happen.

    1) A creator-owned book hops from one company to the next. Those are the examples you gave, with Powers (4), Groo (3), and Elfquest (3).

    I can think of at least one other that falls into this category:
    Moonshadow (Marvel, DC, Dark Horse)

    2) Licensed property

    The license for a particular character changes hands from one company to the next. There are a bunch that are three for four here, but because Image doesn’t do much with licensed characters, they are almost all DC, Marvel, Dark Horse:

    James Bond
    Doc Savage
    Kiss (Marvel, Image, Dark Horse)

    3) Crossovers

    Crossover books between characters at different publishing houses are supposedly published by both, which allows for some very popular characters to get around, so to speak. So, for example, Batman is obviously published by DC, but he has appeared with Captain America (among others) and so has been published by Marvel as well. He has crossed over with a number of characters at Dark Horse, including Grendel, Aliens, Predator, Hellboy, etc. And there was Batman/Spawn so he appeared at Image also, so he’s been published by all four.

    Here you would get most of the major Marvel and DC heroes Superman, Hulk, Spider-Man, Green Lantern, Punisher, and on and on — there were lots of DC/Marvel crossovers, then they need just one more crossover to get a third company, like Spider-Man meeting Gen13, or X-Men meeting WildC.A.T.S.

    You also get characters like Hellboy and Madman, which had a lot of crossover books.

    1. Jeff Nettleton

      You can go further with that, in terms of licensed properties, if you include other publishers:

      James Bond has been done by DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, Eclipse, Dynamite, plus Titan’s collection of the newspaper strips

      Doc Savage by DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, Millennium, Dynamite, Gold Key, Street & Smith

      Elric by DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, Pacific, First, Star*Reach, Boom, Titan, plus Druillet’s French comic

      Tarzan has been done by DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, Dynamite (as public domain), Dell, Gold Key (separate companies, but Western held the license in both versions), Charlton (illegally), Malibu, while NBM reprinted the newspaper strips of Hal Foster and Burne Hogarth.

      With creator owned, The Crow has been published at Caliber, Tundra, Kitchen Sink, Image, IDW, and a crossover with Razor, at London Night Studios.

      The TMNT have been done by more than you would think: Mirage, Archie, Dreamwave, IDW, First Comics, Fantagraphics, Solson, DC (w/Batman), Image (w/Savage Dragon), plus manga.

  4. Excellent points and examples, Lee!

    1. I didn’t remember about Moonshadow, but I assume it’s a Berger Book at DH.

    2. GI Joe hit 3 of 4, missing DC. Masters of the Universe has hit all 4 now.
    All of your examples except Elric have also been at Dynamite as well. I didn’t realize Kiss had been at DH. Elric has also been at Topps and Titan (among others).

    3. Yeah, that’s an interesting point. It wasn’t necessarily what I was thinking, but it fits. Hellboy and Madman hit the 3 of 4 but not Marvel in each case. Was Angela in either Batman/Spawn book? Because then she’d be in 3 of 4 sans DH.

    This is fun!

  5. jccalhoun

    I don’t think Bendis is entirely done with DC because he has been teasing another run of Legion of Super-Heroes as recently as the last week or so.

    Dark Knights of Steel – so basically DC’s 1602 then?

  6. Corrin Radd

    I enjoy Miyazaki”s Lupin III movie (who doesn’t?) so I checked out some of the manga once and it is so gross and awful (like rape played for laughs awful).

    1. Der

      I was going to say that the Lupin III was the only thing that interested me this time, but that sounds really bad.

      I watched the movie and several seasons of the anime and I haven’t seen anything like that, the humor in the anime is pretty good. The seasons I saw are very good, I highly recommend it. The closest thing, and it’s not even close, is the “it’s complicated” relationship between Lupin and Fujiko.

      There is a new season of the anime coming this year, I guess I’ll stay with the anime then

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