In Seattle? Looking For Something To Do This Weekend?

Why not come and visit my amazing Young Authors students at Ace Comic-Con?

We’re in the Kid’s Stage area. Booth 19. Come say hi and get a book signed. We have the new anthology we rolled out at Olympia, Tortured Minds

But– EVEN COOLER — we have the collaborative novel that Willow, Sophia, Cooper and Teya hatched over pizza at the 2016 Olympia festival. It’s done.

These kids worked like dogs for two years, including over the summers, to get this book whipped into shape. I am very, very proud of them and honored to be their first publisher. Because I assure you, they’ve got game.

Teya’s own solo novel will be there as well.

This is all student work, including the design and illustration. Katie did the cover for Tortured Minds; Sophia did the cover illo for Fables; and Ruth did the cover illustration (and also the frontispiece map) for Stone and the Crown. Since the Cartooning program got folded into Young Authors, there are comics in the Tortured Minds anthology as well. Pretty much all Katie, who’s got serious chops.

If you make it to the con please do stop by. Willow, Tony Stark, and author Christine Brant (who we know as “Willow’s mom”) would love to see you.

Christine has a few copies of her novel available as well, and I might even bring a couple of mine… a couple of old authors to go with the young ones.

Plus we’re teaching workshops tomorrow and Sunday!

“Caricature” and “Comics in Schools” on Saturday, and “Lettering and Sound Effects” and “Creating a Comic Book Cover” on Sunday. More info here.

Hope to see you there!


  1. Jeff Nettleton

    I will be nowhere near Seattle but wish I was. Those illustrations are fantastic; I especially like The Stone & The Crown one. Very enigmatic rendering; makes me want to see the story. Great effect!

    I’m sure everyone will have a great time and I hope you move a lot of books!

    I so wish there was more of this type of teaching in school and less standardized test focus. Tapping into imagination and enthusiasm builds thinkers, while standardized testing just creates narrow programming.

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