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Once again, it’s time to play … Name That Artist!

Back in the day, when I wrote for a different blog, I came up with a game that swept through the internet, bringing me fame and fortune. I was interviewed about it on The Graham Norton Show! I was written about in Sports Illustrated! Oh, those halcyon days – I thought they would never end. And now, here at the new blog, I’m resurrecting it, as it’s once again time to Name That Artist!

Here are the rules. They’re very complicated, so pay attention, everyone. Yes, even you in the back with your finger in your nose. I get it, we all do it, but we need you focused, sir! Is everyone with me? Okay. I will show you some comic book art from one (1) story. And then … you tell me who drew it! Oh, snap! Can you handle the complexities of it all?!?!?!? Look at the art below and tell me who drew it in the comments. I will give you probably until tomorrow, and then I will reveal all. I don’t know if this is super-hard or super-easy, but one thing is certain: It’s time to NAME THAT ARTIST!!!!!




All right, ye mighty, get to guessing!

[Edit: Sigh. You people are too good. I was hoping to fool you, but yes, it’s Herb Trimpe from the Deadly Hands of Kung Fu Summer Special 1974. I thought Gulacy would be a good guess, and I swear some of his people look positively Dave Gibbons-esque, but it’s definitely Trimpe. The credits don’t list any other artist, so I assume he’s inking himself here. I’m not the biggest fan of Trimpe, but I do like this quite a bit. You guys know your comics just a bit too much!!!!!]


  1. Louis Bright-Raven

    That’s definitely from Deadly Hands of Kung Fu, with the Sons of the Tiger…
    Who were the non-regulars who drew for DHOKF… Trimpe? This looks like it could be Trimpe, or at least Trimpe inked.

    1. humanbelly

      I’d wager pretty heavily that it’s Herb’s distinctive panel-layout and POV style– and the figures themselves have some of that odd stiffness that could creep into Herb’s pencils during this period (near-ish the end of his Hulk run, I believe?). The inks– this is weird– look like Herb’s with maybe someone else adding to them-?? Was that ever a thing? And there’s a grey-shading “color” element (this would have been a B&W book, yes?) that makes it look a bit different from Herb’s characteristic style. Improves it, tbh. Hoo-boy— the “Comrades”-spouting villain-schtick. . .

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