Celebrating the Unpopular Arts

Shall we look at some interesting cover art? Yes, we shall

As my paying gigs (or hopefully paying in the case of fiction) are taking up a lot of energy, this is the best I can manage. But it’s eye candy, and we all like that, right?

I’ll never be a Western fan, but this is an eye-catching cover by Paul Lehr.

This one by Arnold Kohn intrigues me, even though warnings against nuclear war are pretty old hat by now.This uncredited cover for Cornell Woolrich’s great noir novel grabs my eye.So does this uncredited cover but mostly because it looks nuts. Cardinals in a strip club wearing lunar symbols on their hats? Damn, that is one very, very large newt.Earle Bergey put women in halter tops or low cut gowns no matter what the situation. And wow, check out the tongue on that dino!I’ve never heard of this book but the Gervasio Gallardo cover makes me wish I had.

I’m pretty sure the answer to the cover question is “the space-dive wench!” She looks like she’d be a fun empress, doesn’t she? Art is uncredited, author of the story is future SF great John Brunner.#SFWApro.


  1. Edo Bosnar

    *Always* go for the space-dive wench in situations like that. Not even a choice, really.

    And yes, that newt is indeed big, and it’s a misleading image. The titular newts are only about 4 ft tall in the actual story – which, by the way, is really good. I highly recommend it.

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