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Technical difficulties

Yes, we’re having some weird technical difficulties here at the blog, in case you hadn’t figured it out already. Things keep shifting back to certain points in the past, wiping out some posts and some comments and playing havoc (unfortunately) with drafts, at least with mine. I thought I was done a post yesterday, but I didn’t save it in Word, and this morning it had wiped out my work and gone back to a certain date a few days ago. This morning I tried to add images and that didn’t work either. So we know about it, and I assume it will get sorted at some point – I’m certainly not smart enough to fix it, but let’s hope someone is! It would be nice if things stopped being so volatile, but we do know it’s going on, and we are trying to figure it out. Thanks, everyone!


    1. Greg Burgas

      Ah, but why is it everyone, and why, for me, is it only on this blog? Ah-ha!!!!! 🙂

      No, we thought we knew what the problem was, and maybe it’s still it and it’s recalibrating, but it’s definitely the blog and not me. I mean, I’m dim, but not that dim! 🙂

  1. Our hosting company had a severe bout of DDoS attacks last week, and part of the fight against that was migration to a new server with more robust security. Compounding the problem was a glitch at the DNS Nameserver for the hosting company. It should all be straightened out now, but all of it was out of our hands. We couldn’t have done a thing about any of it except to ride it out.

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