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It’s Sunday afternoon, and the blog tends to be lazy on Sunday afternoons, and I was just reminded of what I would name my band if I had a band (I don’t, nor do I ever plan to have one), so I thought I’d post about it and ask for yours. Mine requires a tiny bit of explanation …

So several years ago, I read something on-line. I can’t remember if Greg Hatcher wrote about it on the old blog, because it’s certainly something he would write about, but he did try to keep things comics-related over there, especially early on, so perhaps not unless he was writing about Addams Family comics. Are there Addams Family comic books? Anyway, at some point I learned about the existence of the 1972 TV movie Evil Roy Slade, starring John Astin as the title character and featuring a killer theme song:

I’ve never actually seen the movie, but it’s on YouTube if you’re interested. I just love the name “Evil Roy Slade.” It sounds so ridiculous but menacing at the same time – the “Roy” works after the two-syllable “Evil,” and “Slade” is a word that just sounds a bit scary. Ever since then, I’ve wanted to be in a band called Evil Roy Slade. When I write the X-Men (come on, Joey Q, you know you want to offer me the job!), someone’s favorite band will be Evil Roy Slade. They’ll be the kind of band that all the cool people in the Marvel Universe go to see. Tony Stark will be at the Drake concert thinking he’s all hot shit, but all the cool people will be at some dive bar watching Evil Roy Slade.

What’s the name of your band? Sound off in the comments! Don’t be shy!


  1. Jeff Nettleton

    Evil Roy Slade is a decent little comedy; not as hilarious as I thought it would be; but amusing. For comedy westerns, though apart from Blazing Saddles) I like Rustler’s Rhapsody, with Tom Berenger. It pokes fun at the Roy Rogers-type cowboy, perfectly.

  2. fit2print

    Sadly, the name of my band has already been claimed: the Tragically Hip. If it had been my band’s name (disclosure: I don’t have a band), there’s no telling the heights we’d have reached. So, yeah, it’s impossible to top that particular moniker. Even Tequila Mockingbird doesn’t measure up, though admittedly it’s close. The best band name ever is the Miami Screaming Eagles. Or maybe that’s the best sports team name ever. It’s the best something, for sure…

  3. My fake band names are the Suspicious Pigeons (an all girl rock band), Soul Booty (a bluesy-woozy disco funk jazz ensemble that featured in a story that I created) and Goat Funk (something that sounds like some sort of bad word, but doesn’t actually mean anything).

  4. Dave Ziegler

    I’ve kept a list of band names since college, largely inspired by Jello Biafra’s “Names for Bands”. A few of my favorites from the list:

    Lazy Agents of Satan
    Serving Local Morons
    Epileptic Gunfighter
    Angry Hulk Love
    Working Class Pothead
    King Ding Dong and the Cream Filling Five (I always imagined this one as a swingy jazz combo)

  5. Hal

    The Bradford Dillmans
    The Nameless
    The Still Point
    Leisurely Repentors
    Pricked Conscience and the Conscientious Pricks
    True Believers (Originally Excelsior! Rival bands:A Is A and Kirby’s Cigar)
    Oh! The Humanity
    The Eyes Of Lynda Carter
    Why Am I Surrounded By Idiots?
    The Stolen Moments
    Eugene Levy’s Eyebrows/Greg Burgas’s Eyebrows

  6. Hal

    Ahahahaha! Sorry, Greg! Your daughter is obviously possessed of firecracker wit and perspicuity, you should thank her she’s keeping you grounded…
    (Truth be told, I’m not exactly lacking in the eyebrow department but it’s no fun teasing yourself is it? )

  7. I’m late to the party on this one because our little family has been on vacation, so no-one’s going to read this, but here I am anyway.

    In my comic, I have a four piece teenage girl punk folk (sure, it’s a thing) band called Objects Of Interest. Because the girls are all science-minded (the phrase being what they call a possibly habitable planet, of course) and it’s also them saying (screaming?) they’re more than just Objects Of Affection.

    The other fake Toronto bands they look up to are Cave In and Lizzy Galactic (a band, not one person.)

    I say “that would make an awesome band name” so much in real life, I couldn’t possibly think of any more.

    1. Greg Burgas

      Caanan: You can’t escape our baleful gaze!!!!!

      I like Objects of Interest, and your explanation about them. Man, the things we put thought into …

      I’ve said that a lot, too, so much that I can’t remember them. But I keep doing it!

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