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Happy Birthday to Me!

In yet another stunning display of self-congratulatory behavior and fishing for compliments, this guy (Travis, that is.  Trust me, I’m doing the “thumbs pointing at myself” thing) is wishing himself a happy 40th birthday today.

OK, sure, I’ll wish my birthday buddy Jazzbo a happy birthday as well!

But this is just a quick, image-free post saying that I do intend to do more posts…soon?  I’ve been doing interesting things, like a fun out of town trip with my girlfriend that had some things worth discussing here.  There’s been a con I’ve been to recently.  I’m still working on a FCBD post, even though it’s probably so moot it’s not even funny.  I’ve read a lot of trades from the liberry that I ought to review.  And I’ve been watching lots of TV shows and some movies that I would like to discuss with all y’all.

Plus, there’s that ever-present Previews catalog that Burgas still graciously allows me to co-write about.

So yeah, even though I haven’t been on here as much “lately”, I still miss doing this and want to do more soon.  So I will.  I hope.

The scary part is that I’m the young one here.

Anyway, see you in the Atomic Junk Shop!


  1. tomfitz1

    Happy b-day, T.P.!

    Sooooo, you’re the kid (or baby) of the AJS family?

    I guess all the old timers are sniggering or laughing behind your back to your being the “kid”! lol

    I guess you’ll have to show ’em all that you know something!

    Have a good one.

  2. Le Messor

    Happy Birthday, Travis!

    How do you do the thumbs thing and type at the same time?!? Wow!

    I’m not sniggering at you for being young; nor am I looking down at you because you’re young. I’m jealous. So congratulations on youth!

    ~ Mik

  3. Alaric

    Happy Birthday, young whippersnapper! (Although, as I vaguely recall from the mists of time, 40 doesn’t seem so young when you’re actually that age. I imagine early-mid 50s would seem young to people in their 70s.)

  4. Jazzbo

    Happy belated birthday, birthday buddy! I was out of town this week, so just now got a chance to catch up on the posts here. Thanks for the shout out. Hope you had a good birthday!

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